New Website Launched to Promote Energy Education and Conservation

May 3, 2008

A new website was launched today by a national foundation offering energy education

and conservation resources.

The online portal, EnergyEducationFoundation.org was launched by energy conservation enthusiast to support the general public better understand the world of energy.

The Energy Education Foundation launched a section of the website earlier in the summer to provide crucial help, guidance and advice for science teachers and students.

Today, a dedicated section for the general public is being unveiled to support all those who work in the energy field including education across the public, private and voluntary

sectors. EnergyEducationFoundation.org is designed to promote a deeper understanding of energy consumption and conservation best practices.

The website will:

* Serve as a reference point for the entire energy sector including solar and wind

power and other renewables, nuclear power, petroleum and natural gas.

* Host information on energy developments, energy news and useful curriculum for teachers and publications

* Provide downloadable resources and case studies setting out examples of best practice for energy conservation and tips

William Cullifer, website founder and executive director said:

“The launch of this website puts a new spotlight on energy conservation. and the need for education. I hope everyone will make good use of the resource and spread the word

to friends and colleagues.”

Our mission is to:

* Provide for communication among key energy interest, including, solar, wind, bio fuels and other alternative sources of energy including nuclear and cleaner fuel technologies such as solar energy education, alternative energy education, wind energy education, renewable energy education programs

* Provide for education through the development of curriculum, publication of articles and books, professional papers, and the sponsoring of seminars and conferences

* Stimulate the continued growth of the energy innovation by providing a forum for the raising of new ideas and an effective mechanism for dialog on these issues.

The Foundation welcomes questions and comments about these issues. To contribute content or financial support, please send us an e-mail from the “contact us” page on the the Energy Education Foundationwebsite.

For further information visit: